Magic & Didactics


The Balancing Act

Magic and education? Aren’t these two contradictory, irreconcilable terms? Are not the two terms mutually exclusive? Is it possible to be trained – theoretically and practical – in something which, according to the general view and description – as also its “big sister” esotericism – is a discipline of personal responsibility, of active self-awareness and thus a process of self-knowledge par excellence, to which no given instructions or even preconceived opinions are conducive?

Yes and no. Instead, it is a matter of building a bridge between the known and the unknown. In concrete terms, this means that the unknown and unexplored is already familiar and known to you. We, therefore, take you carefully by the hand – taking into account your skills and abilities – and guide you safely on a frequently narrow ridge into new areas and worlds, not dissimilar to guides along a narrow mountain ridge.


Unexplored Areas

With all these expeditions into new, unexplored terrain, nothing must be forced or imposed on, so that you are given the necessary time to let the new impressions affect you and to process them. We will let you see and explore new surroundings with your own eyes and – if you like – with your personal safety glasses because you have to act independently after your “years of learning and traveling.” On the way there, you will be accompanied and instructed. You will be shown based on case studies and “simulations” also how you should behave when there.



What is sometimes necessary for the exploration of the new physical territory is also and above all, essential for a conscientious investigation of magical or inner-mental, mystical paths, in particular, the appropriate “equipment.” Therefore, take off your everyday clothes, take off unsuitable shoes, and reach for more suitable tools. We will show you how to get them. We will also show you which dangers may lurk where or where you are subject to a chimera. What makes it difficult or even impossible for you to progress there to unfold your full potential as a holistic human being are the below-mentioned false devices or self-imposed restrictions:

  • Fears: created and cultivated by our ignorance and narrow-mindedness, because areas unknown to us require more attention and caution than familiar terrain.

  • Everyday conditionings, views, and behaviors acquired by parents and the spirit of the times (exemplified, not questioned) that makes us believe what is supposedly “right,” “important,” “good,” “desirable,” “meaningful,” “efficient,” “morally not reprehensible” and the like in life. Everything that deviates from it is consequently also – according to the same usage of language – “wrong,” “unimportant,” “evil,” “dangerous,” “hostile,” “too expensive,” “blasphemous” etc.. In a larger framework and context, it is the dominant, cultural normative and social indoctrinations and their claims to power and establishment.

  • Taboo formations due to social constraints: “Don’t do that!” – The masses decide what is “normal,” “customary,” “reprehensible,” or obsolete (quantity before quality, or: “but millions cannot be wrong!”). It should not be underestimated what enormous power and energy emanate from this masses, which as a rule, makes it more than difficult or requires a great deal of counter-power and courage to tackle it, comparable to a current that takes everything with it that resists it.


The Base: Experience

Our teaching materials are didactically prepared in such a way that they enable you to enter the wide terrain of magic independently but under constant supervision. As long as you adhere to the guidelines, you rarely run the risk of getting entangled or getting bogged down, as we have more than 30 years of practical experience.
As far as the theory, i.e. the so-called book knowledge, is concerned: Paper doesn’t blush. And: everyone interprets the written material differently under certain circumstances, since everyone looks back on his own, different experiences and builds on them. Here the art is in demand to convey the meaning and the hermeneutics implicit in our sentences, to grasp the essence of it, which is the same for everyone, in order to be able to derive the practice from it.

  • Religious norms or established, restrictive, but above all, radical belief systems with established claims to power, which want and accordingly ensure that it remains so. In our “cultivated” latitudes it is the so-called “sect commissioners” (often theologians) appointed by church and state who decide which spiritual ideas and occupations are “good” or “bad” for a further human development or are to be forbidden because they are eclectic or blasphemous, allegedly “blind” persons or make them even more unfree.

The accusation or the statement that only “the others” are to blame for their own development is, therefore – as you can see – not entirely correct. It only requires the courage to take the first, confident, new, and thus for so many decisive steps. Also, a serious argument and practical occupation with magic fundamentally requires self-responsible, quasi “confession-free” actions with ethical and moral rules, even more here.

Magic is about recognizing WHO and WHAT we are, i.e., what we want and can achieve in life, what potential we have, what reflects our actual, “true will, our actual, innermost goal. It is necessary to develop this capability to be able to initiate the necessary transformation, which enables the magical realities in the here and now. Above all, however, one listens into oneself when one’s own “inner voice” wishes to communicate something. In order to achieve this, it takes the muse and the freedom to know oneself, to be able to recognize oneself as being what we desire from the heart. Unfortunately, there is also always the danger that our ego – at this point – uses its newly acquired magical abilities and tries to use them for its own purposes, to make them usable or – keyword “black magic” – to abuse them. The worldly temptations are even great, the ego belongs exclusively and always only to this world, is its only advocate. Then it is simply a matter of remembering those who cast magic curses on others or generally use magical techniques at the expense of others.

Nor can it be repeated often enough: Always keep your inner authenticity, regardless of all the many other opinions that try to tell you what is “right” and what is “wrong” in life. Dare to think and act responsibly. Have the courage to use your own “intuitive reason.”
Sapere Aude!