Dear visitor and prospective customer.

Questions about magic – in general as well as in particular – are difficult to answer satisfactory and comprehensive by e-mail and therefore mostly insufficient and very time-consuming.

Therefore, we offer everyone interested in our distance learning courses on Magic, Hermetic Philosophy and Cabbala the opportunity, to arrange with us a personal, non-binding SKYPE session, that costs you only $10.

You may be wondering why it is necessary to arrange a SKYPE session with us before starting your studies. Well, this question is justified. The answer is: We would like to get a first impression of each potential course participant in advance and also gives YOU the opportunity, to get to know one of our so-called mentors at least once via SKYPE.

At this session you will have the opportunity to ask questions about our training concept and our teaching letters, about Western Magic, Hermetic Philosophy & Cabbala as we teach and practice it. Through your own concrete thoughts and the related questions, the first conversation can already be an enrichment for both of us.

Please let us know in a mail when you would like to have such a first SKYPE-interview. As far as possible, we will respond to your appointment suggestions or name alternative appointments. You can count on a duration between 20 and 30 minutes.

Note: If you are a none European citizen and have not reached the age of 21 yet, we regret that we cannot offer you any studies and ask for your understanding.

Contact us to arrange a SKYPE appointment with us at: info(at)

We look forward to your mail request.

Your IMBOLC-team.