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FAQ Distance Learning

1. Why Distance Learning?2020-01-13T10:01:41+00:00
  • Guaranteed anonymity (if requested; especially for VIP’s)
  • Distance doesn’t matter
  • Increased effectiveness, because you set the pace
  • No age restrictions other than being 21
  • Weekly or daily study supervision (depends on the package you select, A-D)
  • Free time management (no time pressure)
  • Flexible examination days upon consultation with your mentor
  • Learning and practicing in a familiar environment
  • Can be done while working or studying at the same time
  • Unique customized distance learning teaching material in theory and practice
  • Modular structured (see point 6)
  • An optimum price-performance ratio in comparison to on-site training facilities
  • Learning & exercise control through control questions and test exams
2. What Requirements Do I Have To Meet In Order To Start A Distance Course?2020-01-13T10:04:13+00:00

You must be at least 21 years old. Accordingly, we ask you to send us a photocopy of your identity card or driver’s license if you are unable to attend an initial interview in person (e.g., due to distance, costs and time).

We recommend that you have a personal, non-binding SKYPE-interview with your future course mentor before starting your distance learning course with the trial semester. You can then decide at your leisure whether you are happy with our training concept. Each Skype interview costs a flat fee of $10 and is limited to 30 minutes.

A further prerequisite for successful distance learning is your willingness to achieve the goal you have set yourself. Is, in turn, only works with a good portion of independence and self-motivation. Traditional distance learning courses are often subject to high dropout rates in the middle of the course work (usually after the 1st or 2nd semester). The reasons seem to be because it is challenging to maintain mechanisms that provide anonymity, an appropriate feedback loop, and functional interaction – especially if the course work extends over a more extended period, as in our case.

Furthermore, not only well-founded knowledge but also many application-related skills are imparted against the background of a pragmatically based framework concept. How much personal support you require is up to you. However, your student advisor or mentor will always be available to answer any questions you may have about the contents of the teaching letter by email.

3. How Much Does Distance Learning Cost Me?2020-01-13T10:05:26+00:00

This depends on the selected service package.
I.M.B.O.L.C differentiates between four service packages, numbered A, B, C, and D. Details regarding tuition costs are on our price list

4. What is Taught?2020-01-13T10:09:33+00:00

This point will be explained in detail in the FAQ IMBOLC or a personal SKYPE-session.

A cumulative overview of the thought areas can also be found under the heading Areas Of Expertise in the main menu.

5. How Long Does The Entire Distance Learning Course Last?2020-01-20T10:02:17+00:00

Since you control the pace, it is entirely up to you. However, the number of semesters or modules you successfully complete translates to how far you advance. You must know the amount of time you can invest every day within one semester to arrive at a correct estimate. Some students “only” need eight years to complete all the modules; others, however, require far more than eight, and in some cases, it has taken up to 10 years. The fluctuation results from the fact that there are no stringent, temporal defaults with us, as in usual schools, colleges, and universities. If one semester is not sufficient for you to develop the subject matter and the exercises contained therein, you can repeat each semester.

In distance learning, you decide for yourself how fast you want to make progress within one semester. Of course, the duration of the distance learning course also depends on your suitability, your commitment, and the “magical degree you would like to achieve” (see point 6). It should be noted, however, that there are students who achieved their “goal of mental satisfaction” after completing course A – the basic course – or who take a “break from the study” of a few months after completing a study semester or a corresponding module. Ultimately, however, haste and stress should not be the engine that drives you forward in magical isms and paradigms, but rather muse, will, and motivation, i.e., a self-imposed quality of work on the rough stone – on the self.

6. How Is The Training & Education Structured?2020-01-13T10:19:10+00:00

The entire training system is divided into 5 modules and 10 degrees, one trial semester and 10 double semesters. So, the system is based on the cabbalistic Tree of Life.

I Trial Semester Probationer 1 Teaching Letter No Analogy Body
II 1st Double-Semester Novice 4 Teaching Letters Malkhut Body, Workplace
2nd Double-Semester Neophyte 4 Teaching Letters Malkhut Body, Workplace
III II° 3rd Double-Semester Zealot 4 Teaching Letters Yesod Ego, Identity
III° 4th Double-Semester Theoricus 4 Teaching Letters Hod Passive Actions
IV° 5th Double-Semester Practicus 4 Teaching Letters Nezah Active Actions
6th Double-Semester Philosophus 4 Teaching Letters Tiferet Self, Individuality
IV VI° 7th Double-Semester Adeptus minor 4 Teaching Letters Gevurah Passive Emotions
VII° 8th Double-Semester Adeptus major 2 Teaching Letters Chesed Active Emotions
V VIII° 9th Double-Semester Magister templi 2 Teaching Letters Binah Passive Intellect
IX° 10th Double-Semester Magus/Maga 2 Teaching Letters Hokhmah Active Intellect
Grandmaster/Illuminate Keter Divine Connection
7. Is What I Have Learned and Practiced Tested?2020-01-13T10:20:34+00:00

Yes, if you can also divide your time freely, then on the other hand – to receive the next teaching letter – the completion and passing of corresponding examinations in theory and practice (written and practical) per teaching letter is a condition. We prepare you for each exam in detail: on the one hand, through secondary literature and a multitude of control questions and practical test exams per letter, which you can do at home to prepare yourself optimally for the upcoming distance exams. Of course, your mentor will also be available to give you advice.

8. How Am I Tested?2020-01-20T10:00:49+00:00

You can take all the exams either with your mentor on-site or “comfortably” from home via SKYPE in your familiar surroundings or if you are on the road for business and are in a café or hotel room right now.

9. Can I Start at Any Time?2019-12-08T15:08:11+00:00

You can start your distance learning course on the first day of each month.

10. Can I Also Start With a “Higher” Course If I Am Already Well Versed In Magic?2020-01-20T10:00:12+00:00

No. You can only start our distance learning course with the very first course, called the trial semester. If, however, you have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities, you will progress quickly in this first course. By our adhering to this policy since 1992, we can ensure that all our distance learning course graduates have received a “course-specific” identical knowledge or corresponding magical skills and abilities to a high level.

11. Do I Have the Option to Cancel the Distance Learning Course?2020-01-13T10:28:19+00:00

Yes. You can cancel your distance learning course without giving reasons to the end of each semester, so, always, after six months, i.e., over the entire training period after each semester, regardless of which course or module (see point 6) you are currently enrolled in.

12. How Much Time per Week Should I Spend Working with the Teaching Material?2020-01-20T09:59:47+00:00

During the first semester – the trial semester – 8-10 hours per week are sufficient. For the following double-semesters, 10-12 hours per week are usually necessary and also the rule. The daily workload also depends on the subject matter to be taught, one’s aptitude as well as one’s integration into everyday life and working life.

Too much investment of time in the basic course, for example, can even be counterproductive, since newcomers to the highly interesting and wide field of magic lose themselves all too easily, have inadequate “grounding” (everyday life, ratio vs. magic, vision) and, in the case of excessive magical activity, run the risk of paying less attention to everyday reality and lose themselves in it.

13. What The Courses Of Hermetics, Magic & Kabbalah Include?2020-01-13T10:30:59+00:00

Depending on the course package, you select (see price list).
Each of our courses includes the following services:

a) Personal Support
Upon request, you will be assigned a personal mentor from the first day of your distance learning course, who will answer your questions by email.

b) Training Documents
You will receive comprehensive training documents, called “Teaching Letters” (shortened “TL”), which are specially tailored to the distance learning course and contain both theoretical, prepared knowledge in the form of chapters as well as practical exercises. Each semester usually includes 2 TL’s, and each of them can be covered within three months without time pressure. The only exception: the trial semester, which provides for only one teaching letter, which will be developed in 6 months.

c) Control Of Success Through Control Questions And Control Exercises (Exams) per Teaching Letter
As soon as you feel that you have satisfactorily completed a TL, you can work through the associated control questions and control exercises at home to independently check whether the knowledge you have acquired and the related exercises are being mastered to your and our satisfaction. You can then register for the exam prepared in this way in theory and practice and complete it. But the experience has shown, however, that six months (one semester) of work is necessary.

d) One Theoretical & One Practical Examination per Teaching Letter
If you believe that you have internalized the information in a teaching letter and that you can do or master the practical exercises described in it, register for a theoretical and practical examination. In this way, you will always be able to determine your level of knowledge and experience. The completion and passing of these two exams is the prerequisite for the receipt of the next teaching letter of the next course.

e) Supplementary Writings & Teaching Materials
On request – and depending on the study package you select – we will send you additional writings, audio files about magic, and works in the fields of Magic, Hermetic Philosophy, and Cabbala at regular intervals. We have an extensive collection of more than 20,000 (!) works and books in PDF format, probably the most comprehensive library of the occult and magical writings in German-speaking Countries. These writings are, of course, not relevant for examinations and should serve to expand your world views, which in turn will benefit your magical studies and the associated paradigms.

f) SKYPE-Meetings With Other Distance Learning Students Of The Same Course…
to talk about distance learning in general or, in particular, also about private matters. Participation is optional.

g) Weekly SKYPE-Meetings With Your Mentor…
to ask questions or to clarify problems of a general or specialized nature.

14. How Long Do I Have To Dedicate Myself To A Magical Education To Become A So-Called “Magus” or “Grandmaster of Magic”?2020-01-20T09:58:47+00:00

Unfortunately, no concrete answer is possible in this respect, because you no longer have to adapt to a specific learning pace, such as during your school days, which was sometimes too slow or too fast and led to special status or a particular designation when you passed an examination. You are old enough, i.e., you decide how fast you want to proceed in your distance learning. A rough time frame is only the recommended period of study per teaching letter of maximum one semester.

The duration may also depend on your suitability, your previous knowledge, and the associated skills and abilities you have already learned. Less decisive, however, is the question “When do I become a magician?” but rather, “What do I learn about myself in distance learning” and “What have I internalized?” It is also up to your ideas, definitions, and demands, when you want to call yourself or other people “magicians.”

From our point of view: If you have completed our last teaching letter, you are considered to be a Grandmaster, an “Archmage” or “Illuminate” within the framework of the I.M.B.O.L.C. training system – your training will thus be deemed to be completed with us.

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