Distance Learning

of Magic & Hermetic Philosophy

The Advantages Of Distance Learning

  • No so-called generation or age conflict due to independent work: for young and old alike
  • Increased effectiveness in terms of time expenditure and costs
  • Teaching materials in theory and practice specially designed for distance learning
  • Flexible examination times after consultation with the supervisor
  • Modularly Structured (pausing between modules or courses is possible)
  • Termination or completion possible per training quarter
  • Guarantee of your anonymity and discretion
  • Learning and practicing in familiar surroundings
  • Regardless of distance
  • Distance supervision by a study supervisor or mentor
  • To be mastered part-time, with a daily expenditure of time of 1-2 hours
  • Free time allocation of the exercise workload without time pressure
  • Autodidactic learning and success control through test questions and test exercises per teaching letter

The basic prerequisite for successful distance learning is your Faustian will to achieve the goal you have set yourself. This, in turn, only works with a good portion of independence and self-motivation. Traditional long-term study programs are often characterized by high dropout rates in the middle education segment (usually after 6-12 months), as it is difficult to maintain a high level of persistence without appropriate feedback and interaction mechanisms. Furthermore, we impart not only sound knowledge, but also many application-related skills against the background of a pragmatically based framework concept. How much personal support you require is entirely up to you. Your study companion will answer all your questions on the topics and exercises of the teaching letters within 1-2 days (see also info sheet).

Admission Requirements

  • You must be 21 years old.
  • A photocopy of your identity card or driver license.

  • An Internet access and an own e-mail address.
  • No party affiliation (or corresponding function or official office, etc.).

Educational Requirements

You transfer your semester training fee before you start studying.


Depends on the selected package (see info sheet “Price List”).
All tuition fees must be paid in advance for the entire duration of the respective course.

Teaching Letters

Each teaching letter contains a main topic which you will work on for an average of 3 months, both theoretically (areas of knowledge) and practically (exercises/rituals). You will also get a first impression of this if you study our “reading sample”, which consists of an excerpt from the 1st teaching letter of the basic course.


The I.M.B.O.L.C. distinguishes between 7 study modules:

  • Module I: Introductory Course, 1 teaching letter (6 months)
  • Module II: Basic Course, 4 teaching letters (12 months)
  • Module III: Advanced Course I, 4 teaching letters (12 months)
  • Module IV: Advanced Course II, 4 teaching letters (12 months)
  • Module V: Advanced Course III, 8 apprenticeship letters (24 months)
  • Module VI: Adept Courses, 8 teaching letters (24 months)
  • Module VII: Master Classes, 4 teaching letters (24 months)

Start Of Studies

Every first of the month.

Termination Of The Training Relationship

Student & Management: Eight weeks before the actual semester ends.

Daily Workload

You no longer have to adapt to a certain learning pace – as you do during school time, for example – which is too slow or too fast in some cases. You decide how fast you want to progress. The time frame is the recommended period of study per teaching letter, which is 3 months (one exception is the trial semester, which lasts 6 month).
We recommend investing 1-2 hours a day in theory and practice. It is not advisable to take so-called “Hauruck actions on weekends”, during which you may be highly motivated, but in comparison to working days you will read, learn and practise over your head.

Duration Of Study

This depends entirely on the time you devote to magic, both theoretically and practically. As I said, a teaching letter is usually developed within 3 months.

An example: Since the Basic Course includes 4 teaching letters, most of our graduates successfully complete it after 1 year. If there is a lack of time, illness, strokes of fate, etc., the course will be completed successfully after 1 year. But you can’t extend any course. If you do not successfully complete a semester, you have to repeat the associated examinations until you have passed them in order to advance to the next semester.

For better illustration, we also like to compare our “Magic School” with a classic career:

  • Module I: The classical school bench;
  • Module II-V: The classical apprenticeship with concluding journeyman’s examination;
  • Module VI: A four-year work as “journeyman”;
  • Module VII: The so-called “master school” with concluding master examination.

If you have completed all of our semesters either courses, you can call yourself an “Illuminate” or “Mage”.